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Spring Into Parenting

by Kellee Williams

Ahhh, Springtime!

Flowers in bloom, baby birds chirping, and summer clothes are on display at Target! The Sun seems to shine brighter. The sky seems to look bluer. The air smells fresher, and the newness of the season seems to have an amazing revitalizing effect on everyone and everything.

This is the perfect time to embrace and enjoy what the season has done to and for our children. They are a year older and have more experiences under their belts at this time. And, the new season gives them the opportunity for you to parent them in a fresh new way.


Are you spring cleaning anytime soon? I am, and I look forward to engaging my children. No, not to "make" them do the bulk (or all) of it, but to let them see that I am giving them a new level of responsibility. This year, my 1-year old will help. I will intentionally give her small task to help develop and reinforce our connection, and to let her know that her job matters and what she contributes is an asset to the family effort.


Springtime allows for the opportunity to show appreciation for things we see happening around us. We have been given the warm sun, the blue sky, and the green grass. I plan to walk more with my little crew. While on those walks, we will admire the earth and the beauty found in it. See a blooming flower, we will say thank you. Smell the morning or evening dew, we will express gratitude. Experience a sneeze after we walk pass a freshly cut yard, we will even show our appreciation for what the new season brings.


Another year will mean a new level of expectancy for a happy and healthy summer. And, I know this is the celebration of Spring, but we all know this is really the pre-party for Summer here in Cleveland, Ohio. Are you looking forward to a vacation or trip? Is there a zoo or amusement park in your near future? Or, is there a graduation or recital, something to cap off an accomplishment of one of your children? Let's expect the best. This is an opportunity to celebrate what happens when you expect and see the results of that expectation.

Seed Planting

Springtime is typically when seeds get planted. Of course, I am speaking of literal plants and vegetation. But I am also peaking of seeds of kindness and giving. See, with our children being at a higher level of understanding. And seeing some new things throughout the last year, they have undoubtedly earned the right to be taught what kindness and giving look like. I know this is something they have probably been taught all along, but this season calls for another level. Remember the spring cleaning? Why not make them a part of what happens to clothes that are too small? How about engaging them while taking the items to a donation center or a homeless shelter? Or, how about a family in need? That right there is a double whammy, kindness, and giving.

This is a wonderful time of the year. Get ready for the “April Showers and the May Flowers”. Get ready to jump in puddles (okay, maybe not that) and explore the parks and activities of our communities. With all the new changes, both with our children and in the environment, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and experience how Spring has Sprung.

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