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Summer Fun for the Busy Professional

by Wendie Blair

Summertime is that time of year when people want to take vacations. enjoy extracurricular activities, and just have some fun. Worrying about professional development doesn’t sound very fun. But it can be! You don’t have to sacrifice one or the other during this season – you can still have fun and develop professionally at the same time.

I know, when you think of activities related to professional development things that may seem boring or stiff come to mind. Activities such as working, creating/updating resumes, or getting a post-secondary education just don’t seem to fit into the seasonal enjoyment you may desire.

However, when you think in terms of core characteristics, professional development can be achieved even while having fun.

Here are five fun summer activities great for some of the core principles surrounding professional development.


Playing sports or going swimming is a great way to practice discipline and self-control. Two very key characteristics of professionalism therefore professional development. Swimming/sports requires focus, the ability to act fast, commitment, follow through, adaptable pace, and more. What better way to have fun while developing professional characteristics?


Public speaking and self confidence are vital characteristics of professional development. With the spotlight and crowd karaoke offers, it’s a great fun way to work on or increase your self-confidence and addressing crowds (public speaking).

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts can be extremely fun. They involve clues and puzzles that you must solve to lead you to either the next clue or an item that must be collected. These are a great way to work on your analytical and problem-solving skills as well as your ability to make decisions. If you plan the scavenger hunt yourself, that’s even better.

Networking Events

Attending networking events is always a great way to meet new people. It also helps to consistently engage with many different personalities along with professional levels. This is a nice way to work on interpersonal abilities and communication skills while having fun.


Painting is a wonderful way to engage your creative side. Creativity is among the well sought characteristics in professional development. If you are local, check out Painting in the Park (link below) events. They offer a variety of events to help you explore/enhance your creative mind.

The activities I have mentioned here may not seem to directly have anything to do with professional development, and, in the traditional sense, they don’t – directly. I’m sure you’re probably familiar with the saying “think outside the box” – that is what we’re doing here (The box being “traditional professional development”). To effectively think outside the box, in most cases, think in terms of concept rather than scenario details.

These 5 activities are not the typical scene thought of when professional development is the topic. However, the conceptual purpose of each activity is relative. When you think in these terms (outside the box) you will realize how so many things are relatively connected. The ability to take any given scenario and make it conceptually relatable is an outstanding skill found amongst great leaders. The characteristics needed for these activities contribute to the formation of positive habits that you will take with you on your professional journey.

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