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The Joy Of Spring

by Karen Auld

It’s spring so, like always, my daffodils are blooming. I have several varieties in my yard. I am amazed every year how many shades of yellow they share with me. They push through the dead leaves to great the sunshine of another spring. Even if it’s a cold spring day, their vibra

nce gives me joy.

Once I see the daffodils, I start to listen for the frogs. Last night I heard the first song of the season from the frogs coming out of hibernation. They sing looking for a mate, but when I close my eyes and listen, I think they are singing just for me.

The daffodils. The frogs. They know nothing about the coronavirus.

They do not dull their joy because we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Perhaps they are lucky not to know.

I know it’s easy to hibernate with your favorite carb and Netflixs right now. Heck our governments are telling us to stay home, but now more than ever the world needs you. Be like my daffodils and radiate beauty today. Share your smile with someone, even if you’re wearing a mask. Sing your song like my frogs. The world needs your voice more than ever. It is time to infuse this world with some joy.

On March 30, actor John Krasinski, he played Jim Halpert on The Office, launched a YouTube channel called Some Good News. As of April 1, that’s only three days, his first episode has over ten million views. People are craving joy.

As an entrepreneur, these are the times we can really step up and serve our communities because we are the innovators, the dreamers, the visionaries. How can you offer some joy to the people you serve?

Maybe you can offer to facilitate a family Zoom night with your professional account. Are you an accountant? Do a Facebook Live that a parent can use for homeschooling. An ice cream business in my area offered free delivery the other day. I got four pints. Don’t judge. I was in a stress eating mode that day. Getting those four pints of ice cream out of the mailbox was pure joy for me and my family.

Does shinning bright feel awkward to you right now? Are you thinking, “How can I infuse joy when people are sick and dying?” I’m not telling you to ignore what is happening in the world, I’m just inviting you to sprinkle some joy into the day. The late great Dr. Maya Angelou said it this way, “be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

At my mother’s funeral, I was of course overwhelmed with the heaviness of grief. My uncle, my mother’s brother, came over and told me a funny story about my mom. I laughed. He laughed and we both felt better. He infused me with some much needed joy that day without minimizing the grief we were both feeling. He was my rainbow in a very dark cloud that day.

So I challenge you to stand tall and radiate your vibrance. Get creative.What can you do to brighten the dark cloud that this virus has brought to the world?Shine bright like my daffodils. Sing loud like the frogs. Be a rainbow.

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