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Meet the Columnists


Robyn C. Hill - Editor In Chief, Featured Column

Robyn is the owner of ElevationsMedia (formerly ElevationsRadio) and founder of Success In Balance.  Robyn is a mental health therapist and personal growth teacher who focuses on helping people improve their quality of life by developing and mastering goals in all areas of life.  She founded "Success In Balance" after closing the ElevationsRadio because the demand of the live studio placed on her own life.  She continues to run her private practice of 9 years while launching the national mentoring program, "Success Seekers", focusing on assisting leaders and entrepreneurs to develop holistic goals to encourage a well-rounded success ideology.

Kellee Williams.jpg

Kellee Williams - Parenthood

Kellee Williams had a dream to encourage and motivate women to reach for the sky, seek peace, and live a life that they desire and deserve. Today she is doing that as a Lifestyle Management Coach in her own business,. Kellee is like many of the women she helps, a wife, mother, business owner, and is passionate about teaching women to live their best life.   To connect with Kellee and her services, visit!

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Angela Miller - Artistic Expression

Angela Miller is the Founder and Creative Director of Furaha Forever Productions.  You can find her at one of her “pop up” community art excursions such as Painting in the Park Family Fun Day, Cleveland Art Week and others throughout the Cleveland area.  Her mission is to plant seeds of love, hope and creativity.  As an art enthusiast, Angela is passionate about helping others cultivate self-love and appreciate their individual creativity.  Angela has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and is is a License Social Worker. She has written, directed and produced several inspirational plays. For nearly 30 years, she has professionally worked with children and families. Mrs. Miller is married to Anthony Miller and they reside in Cleveland, Ohio. 

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Wendie Blair - Professional Development

Wendie currently offers coaching services revolving around business startups, personal/professional growth & development, mentorship, and accountability. Whatever your goal may be, she is eager to help you!

Check her out at

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Karen Auld - Motivation

Karen C. Auld is a coach, consultant, writer and inspirational speaker.  Karen teaches mindset and goal setting classes for entrepreneurs and is a Certified Success Coach via Dr. Robert Holden. As a consultant she works with Fortune 500 corporations in the areas of management systems and sustainability.  Visit her website at


DeNica Bishop - Self Care

DeNica Bishop is a lifelong learner who taught herself how to play keyboard, crochet, knit and sew when she was/is not teaching her children during their formative years as a stay at home mom. She is a Minister and has been involved in several non-profit organizations, offering her time and skills as she is able. She is an analytical person who loves to investigate how things that seem to be different are related to each other. She plans to spend the rest of her life learning how to effectively interact with others, both valuing their input and offering hers in a way that is helpful and humble. 

Lawna Headshot.jpg

Lawna Gamble, MNO, MA, CAC - Self Care

Lawna Gamble is an accomplished Adlerian therapist (with a specialty in Autism and trauma-informed care), published author, motivational healer and living testament that mental illness is not a personal weakness and can be overcome. Willow Cove Art and Wellness Boutique is a dream come true for Lawna who imagined this business in this location while working as a curatorial intern in graduate school.  Willow Cove is an arresting combination of her artistic talent, breadth of professional experiences and passionate interest in the modalities that helped her step into her own mental, physical and emotional healing. Lawna spent the last four years as a mental health professional in Minneapolis, MN. She returned to Cleveland in 2018 to care for her aging mother. After this stint of being a primary caregiver, Lawna decided not to re-enter the workforce rather pursue her long-time entrepreneurial interest; thus Willow Cove Art and Wellness, LLC was born.

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Pia King, LMSW- Enlightenment

Pia King, MSW, CVBC, is a Holistic Healer, Counselor and Metaphysical Guide who is the founder and owner of Elevated Spirit and EnHaleMe Healing Center, a holistic wellness center in Washington, DC. She believes that combining her education, intuition and life experiences to implement therapeutic services to improve the quality of life for her and others.  The agenda of her soul’s purpose is to awaken and empower individuals in rediscovering their true self and divine potential to "Participate in Their Own Greatness" and live the lives they are meant to live.

Get more on Elevated Spirit by clicking this link!

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