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Enduring The Long Winter

By Robyn C. Hill, LPCC

I’ve heard it told that in due time the seasons always change. Yet there are times when it seems like Winter, the darkest, coldest, harshest of the seasons will never end. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Let me give you the backdrop.

In this movie there is a magical land called Narnia that is found by four children as they played inside a wardrobe. They found this wardrobe to be a portal to the magical land of Narnia, a land that they are to rulers over. However, the land is currently under the rule of the White Witch, whose presence has left the land in a perpetual state of winter. Her presence represents evil, nothing ever grows, there is no renewal, it is devoid of joy, and no one prospers. During her reign, she says one of my favorite lines in the movie, “Always winter, never Christmas…”

There are times on our Success Journey we find ourselves enduring a long winter, where it is never Christmas. It is just cold, dark and gloomy, devoid of joy and prosperity. We try to wait it out because of the belief that in due time seasons change. However, nothing seems to change, and the situation starts to appear hopeless. We begin to second guess our purpose on the journey, rewriting in our mind what brought us to this point and where we think we out to be going. But the deeper lesson from Narnia, was that in order to change the atmosphere, the four children that were supposed to reign would need to fight the forces that are causing the winter to persist.

The four children were given tools based on each of their personalities. These tools were to help them battle against the White Witch and give them the victory. They learned their tools during the winter to prepare them for the defeat of what was keeping them from their goal. As they strengthened in their knowledge of their tools, you begin to see signs of Spring sprouting up from the snow. But there was still an ultimate battle to ensure the finality of the winter season.

What tools are needed to help you battle against your long winter? What skill set do you need to strengthen to bring this season to an end? Sometimes, we begin to work on our skills and stop because we see “signs of Spring” and never bring the needed changes into full fruition. Something is being required of you in order for you to move forward on your Success Journey. And some thoughts and behaviors need to be given up because it is holding you back. This is why I am launching my Success Seekers Mentoring Program, to provide a meeting place where self-discovery will open doors along your journey. Won’t you join me?

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