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I Denounce Grind Culture!

by Robyn C. Hill, LPCC

It was a proclamation I made to myself in November of 2019 - #DenounceGrindCulture2020. I had just completed the planning and execution of the second annual Great Lakes Black Authors® Expo & Writers Conference in October. While at the same time running my private practice and an internet radio station. The radio station,, was a fun endeavor that I began in 2017 and at one time had eight live, in-studio shows, a long with 24 hours of running prerecorded podcasts and indie music from all over the world. The station never closed and the studio was open every week. After the completion of the conference in October, I couldn’t get my energy and excitement back for the station. I had my own live show that I began 5 years prior and moved to my station once it launched. I couldn’t create my own show topics nor could I get focused to market advertisements and expand the audience. Basically, I was tired.

My body literally hurt. My memory was foggy. My sleep was off and I was eating fast food regularly because of time. I just wasn’t feeling like myself at all. The more I tried to plan out my 4thquarter 2019, the more exhausted I would feel. So, I meditated and spent time in prayer and with confidence I heard “close the station.” Prior to this revelation, any thought of closing any of my businesses felt like I was failing. But after this time in spiritual contemplation I realized “grind culture” was killing me. I recognized that some chapters are meant to come to an end for a new chapter to begin. I was also reminded of the fact that I engaged in this entrepreneurial life as a mom who wanted to have freedom for her children; this got lost along the way. Lastly, I learned that success is not success, if your life is out of balance.

Life satisfaction is success. Life satisfaction needs to be holistic. I began to reexamine 5 areas of my life and worked to reestablish goals in each area for balance. As I focused on myself as a whole, the more doors began to open immediately in the professional realm. Those areas, which are the tenants to my Success Seekers® Mentoring Program, are Self-Care, Self-Discovery, Spiritual Formation, Support Systems, and Self-Determination. Focusing on these areas helped me to see that I was grinding gears, not grinding out success.

ElevationsRadio is transforming into ElevationsMedia with the first product being Success In Balance is a monthly publication for leaders and entrepreneurs that has columns written by some of the most dynamic thought provokers and change agents that I know. I want to spread the message of #DenounceGrindCulture and to create an ongoing journey of maintaining balance while pursuing success. Won’t you join me?

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