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The Balancing Act of Parenthood

by Kellee Williams

I remember when I took my (then) infant to the doctor for a checkup, we were discussing my return to work. The pediatrician made it clear that I needed to discuss with my baby how I felt about sending her off to the babysitter while I was gone during the day.

I was blessed to have a role at work that I could leave work there and pick up the role of mom once work hours were over. However, as a momtrepreneur, there was a balancing act that I was unable to handle. Not only did I have an infant, but I had a husband and four other children at home.

When I picked up my precious little one, hugged and kissed her, I couldn't help but realize that along with the baby and duties related to her, my reality included dinner, shopping, laundry, and my business and marriage to tend to. My reality was, picking up my baby at the end of the day was the beginning of my real job. Do you know what I'm talking about?

We want to do a great job as parents, employees, spouses, and business owners. Is it fair to have to stress over making our lives so perfect that we can hardly function? I didn't think so. So, I took a new approach to the "work-life" balance. I resolved that balance is subjective. I know that wasn't a simple yes or no, so let me explain.

I have discovered that there will be seasons where some things are more important than others. It is my job to determine what my life priorities are during that season. And if you are a busy parent such as myself, you may only be able to take things from day to day. There are some things I have implemented to assist with the idea of what balance is in my family.


I have found that I LIVE by my planner. Everything and I mean everything goes in it. Some may prefer to use technology but I am old fashioned and found an amazing low cost planner that allows me to write out the things that are important for our family.


Some people hate lists, but they are so helpful with balance. I write a daily to-do list (and it goes in my planner). The key is to be realistic. There are days where I cannot get to things and I had found that I was getting discouraged. So I began to write a list with items that had already been completed. You would not believe how accomplished you feel when you see something crossed off already.

No Comparison

Do not get caught up with what people on social media are doing. Do what works for you and YOUR family! There is no family made like yours so find a process that works for you and stick to it.


You are enough and your children and family love you. I had to give myself permission to set some things aside to read a bedtime story. Or, to spend a few uninterrupted minutes with my husband. Or, to even ask my older children how things were going in life with them. The action items can wait.

When you prioritize what is important to you and your family, you have balance. And, it is actually achievable when you plan accordingly. You can totally balance parenthood, work, home, and business when you make a few tweaks to the day to day routine. Your children will love and respect that you have made the sacrifice to make your parenting purposeful.

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