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A Moment With Auntie Angie...

by Angela Miller

The beauty of spring is upon us. It’s a season of new beginnings and growth. However, Coraonavirus has caused a major setback and dampened our spirits. The sun doesn’t seem as bright and the uncertainty of how long COVID-19 will last is scary. While this pandemic has limited some of our outdoor activities, there are still other things we can do by ourselves or with our family to enjoy springtime. All is not lost. Now more than ever, we must be intentional about using our creativity and thinking outside of the box. Here are a few tips to help your creative juices flow with ease while enjoying the spring weather :

1. Take a short walk, smile and enjoy the sunshine. You will not only get an opportunity to see nature’s beautiful scenery with blooming flowers, but your body will appreciate you for the workout.

2. Declutter and reorganize your creative space. This will help you to get rid of any old or unused art supplies you no longer need. Discard or donate them to your local community center. Having a clean space will free your mind and donating to others will make you feel good. Knocking out two projects with one creative stone.

3. Pull out your journal and start writing. This will help you express your creative thoughts. You can create a plan of action on your current and future endeavors.

4. Put on your headphones or earbuds and listen to your favorite music. This will get the party started for sure. Or at least give you a good physical workout.

5. Read an inspirational book. Reading can stir up your creativity, help sharpen your brain and give you a different perspective about life. What’s your favorite book?

6. Work on a new craft. What have you wanted to do that you have put on hold? The time is now. What are you waiting for? You can learn a lot from Pinterest, Google or YouTube University and it’s free.

7.Have fun gardening fruits and vegetables with your children and create a healthy meal. This will encourage healthier eating habits. You can also enjoy a family picnic in your backyard with your fresh fruits and veggies.

8. Plant your own flowers with bright colors by using seeds or potting them. From daffodils to sunflowers, you have an array of options to choose from. Pick your choice and decorate your home with fresh flowers. You can also give a bouquet of flowers to your friend, family member or neighbor with a handwritten note. Your thoughtfulness will brighten their day and be greatly appreciated.

9. Be open to change and create something new. Whatever you do, have fun exploring your creativity and taking care of you.

10. Sit on your porch and listen to the harmonic sounds of birds singing and rejoicing. You can even join in chirping with the birds.

Remember to enjoy springtime and let your artistic expression shine. Your family and the world need your positive vibes.

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