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A Moment With Auntie Angie "Father's Day"

by Angela Miller

Can you believe Father's Day is right around the corner? Have you thought of what you are going to buy your father or how you are going to celebrate him? Men may feel that they receive the shorthand of the stick when it comes to celebrating them on Father’s Day. Could that be true? Well, that statement may hold some validity because celebrating mothers seems to be less complicated when it comes to buying them gifts. The options are unlimited for women. Buying gifts for men can be more challenging, especially if you don’t want to buy him another tie, mug, toolset, or a pair of socks. This year, have fun thinking outside of the box when it comes to celebrating your father. Below are seven ideas to consider when purchasing a gift for the special man in your life. 1. You can buy your dad an engraved leather briefcase, journal, and a pen set. Engraved gifts are memorable and stylish. 2. You can put together some of your fondest memories of you and your father by creating a photo book or a video. 3. Register you and your dad for a culinary cooking class. Bonding over food is always entertaining. You both can learn a new recipe, enjoy laughter and have a great conversation. 4. Hire a photographer and schedule a themed photoshoot for your father. The theme could be a vintage attire or whatever you like. 5. You can't forget about having a pamper me day for your father. Give him the royal treatment that he will never forget. 6. Throughout the day, shower your father with sentimental notes that will encourage and show him how much you love and care about him. 7. You can also give him a money tree so that he can buy whatever he likes. These are just a few creative ideas that will make your father smile on Father's Day. Enjoy being creative and, most of all, enjoy celebrating your dad.

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