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"Dream with Goals" - A Moment with Auntie Angie

by Angela Miller

Have you ever set out to achieve a goal, and when accomplished, you were excited? Along the way, you may have doubted yourself and was unsure how you would make your dream a reality. Well, not all goals, created, are achieved without some distractions or disappointments. It’s a part of the divisive scheme to throw you off course and force you to give up on your dreams. During the process, you must be disciplined and have a determined mindset. It also takes surrounding yourself with a circle of people who can encourage you when days are dark and gloomy. When obstacles come your way, you must persevere. So why do we set goals? For each person, the answer may be different. You will have to do some soul searching and weigh the outcomes of what is needed to reach your desired goal. By utilizing your creativity, you will have fun, enjoy the process, and maintain a positive attitude. Be creative and reward yourself for small steps made towards your goal. Here are a few creative ways to help make your goal a reality:

Create your Vision

Write the vision and make it simple. Believe in you and what God has told you to do.

Make your Vision Visible

Your mind is powerful. What you feed it daily can draw you towards your dream or further away. Keep your goal in front of you by creating a vision board, a vision journal, or a vision scrapbook. Every day, take a look at your goals. Process your plans, pray over them, and actively make a progression towards your purposeful goals.

Speak your Dreams into Existence

Speak it into existence. Write or email yourself a letter with a proposed date of what you expect to see yourself doing. Tell a trusted friend or family member about your plans and to hold you accountable. The mind is powerful. Before you know it, you will be actively doing things that will bring you closer to your goals. And your dreams will draw people towards you to help you reach your destiny.

Reward Yourself

Setting goals can be easy but not always easy to accomplish. So if you have ever met your goals, you deserve a round of applause. Even when obstacles come your way, you must continue to persevere. You may have to take a break, breathe, pace yourself, and sometimes restructure your goals. Setting goals can be challenging, but the reward is gratifying.

Until next month, enjoy Setting your Goals.

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