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Taking Care of the Artist In You

by Angela Miller

Before you raise your eyebrow or question whether or not this article is

something you should read because you don’t consider yourself an artist,

let me explain so that you will understand my perspective on this topic.

Prior to the foundation of the world, we were created by God. A

masterpiece formed with exceptional craftsmanship. Our uniqueness and

creative DNA are one of a kind. Taking Care of the Artist In You is

essential and vital to a man’s creativity. By displaying our talents through

our voice, hands or feet, we are constantly shaping our city, community and

country. The universe is an enormous canvas being painted daily by

people like you and I. How, you may wonder? Well, here’s the truth of the

matter. Each person uses their talent to design, add beauty and special

characterization to the canvas of life. Your artistry may be a parent raising

your son or daughter to be a productive member of society, a teacher

educating their students or a doctor developing a cure for cancer.

Whatever your gift(s) may be, use your artistry to make the world a more

beautiful place. Your art matters.

Now that we got that out of the way, Taking Care of the Artist In You is

essential to your well being. It helps you to be centered and have a more

work/life balance. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition

of balance means “the state of having your weight spread equally so that

you do not fall…” Between working, paying bills, taking care of your family

and whatever additional responsibilities you may have, life can be stressful

and challenging. The goal is to not fall apart but to be as balanced as

possible. It’s easy to take care of everyone else while putting yourself on

the back burner which can cause your equilibrium to be off center.

Remember you are one person and you can not do everything. I repeat you

can not do everything. So take a deep breath and relax your mind. Here

are a few creative ideas that will help you have a more balanced lifestyle

and stir up your creativity.

1. Pace yourself and delegate responsibilities.

2. Sign up for a new art class and let your creative juices flow. By doing

this, you will experience a freedom of artistic expression.

3. Pick up a camera and take random pictures of your favorite outdoor


4. Start journaling. Writing your thoughts down can help you reflect on

your journey and reduce stress.

5. Change up your workout routine by adding Yoga, Belly Dancing or

some other form of physical activity.

6. Or sign up for a cooking class.

Until next month, enjoy your Artistic Expression.


Angela Miller

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